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Potato Finger
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Potato Fingers


 Today I am sharing a quick and easy snack recipe “Potato Fingers” using Potato and Suji as main ingredients. This Potato Fingers are the perfect match with the evening Tea or you can also serve this for an Iftar Party. These Potato Fingers can be shallow fried or pan fried, […]

Iftar Special, Snacks

Kozhikkal / Tapioca Fry


 Kozhikkal is a traditional Malabar snack originated at Thalassery. Kozhikkal literally means “Chicken Leg”. This snack resembles the shape of fried chicken legs thus the name “Kozhikkal”. This is a delicious snack with outside crispier and soft inside. For preparing this Kozhikkal here i used gram flour and rice flour, You […]

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Chicken Flower Dumplings


 This Chicken Flower Dumpling is a steamed dish. It resembles the shape of a flower as its name. Chicken and basmati rice are the main ingredients. It is served as a perfect starter and also as iftar snack. Previously we have seen an other dumpling on my website. But i am […]