Dates payasam

Dates payasam/ Dates Kheer

Last weekend when I saw a dates pack which was almost a month old I wanted to use it up immediately. As everyone at home loves desserts, I decided to make a quick dessert, and it was dates payasam(dates kheer) for after meal dessert. Dates Kheer is a very healthy dessert that you can make

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Vendakka Mulak Curry

Vendakka Mulak Curry/ Okra Curry

One curry that I absolutely adore of my mom’s for lunch is the one that I am sharing with you today. Soft “vendakka” in a tangy tamarind sauce is all that is, but you could lick off plates and plates of rice without your knowledge!!! When my mom was not around, I craved for this Vendakka

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Beef Pickle

Beef Pickle/ Malabar Style Beef Achar

Achar/pickle has been a very important dish in most of ours meal time. Me and my husband want any of pickle for our meal even if there are other dishes too. Mango pickle is my favorite one and i am not a big fan of lemon pickle. I know many of you may thinking now

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Pineapple Upside Pudding

Pineapple Upside Down Pudding

Festivals can’t be completed without a dessert as it is a perfect way to wish bye to the meal. Here is how to do an amazing pineapple upside pudding for you special occasions. My family loves pudding and so I love to experiment varieties. Today I am sharing one of my best pudding recipe tested

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