Tharipola / Semolina Cake

Here is a simple but so much tasty cake recipe for your lousy evenings. Tharipola/ Semolina cake is a simple cake made with one of easily available ingredient in most of the kitchens. That is semolina that means ‘rava’ . It is a quick malabar dish that i have tried bunch of times. It is known

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Thari unda/Thari Nulliyittathu

Thari Unda / Thari Nulliyittathu

We have seen many snacks made with thari/rava/semolina. This is a recipe I have borrowed from my mother. I have a lot of memories of her flavourful snacks. Thari unda/Thari Nulliyittathu is one of a common snack she made for our evenings when I was a kid. I had thari unda recently and remembered to

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Rava Ladoo

Rava Ladoo/ Sooji Ladoo with Coconut

Rava Laddu or Rava Ladoo or sooji ladoo also called as Rava Unda is quick and easy to make sweet and is one of the first few sweets I learned to prepare. This is my mom’s recipe. I used to follow her recipe. This time I wanted to try a different version for a change

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