Apple Oats Milk Shake

Apple Oats Milk Shake

I am a milk shake lover through and through. I started making them back when I am in school.(it is a true story friends). From then to now I typically love to start my day with a shake/ juice rather than heavy breakfast foods. Sometimes just the fruit juice is not enough for your daily workout at home. Of course fruits are healthy and good dehydrator of body. But sometime I stucked in the thought of making something more just than a milk shake/juice. So this Apple Oats Milk Shake is one of my own experiment recipe. But do not worry foodies, it is quite interesting when you start enjoying it. Initially my family members was not that much fan of this shake.

This recipe has a secret ingredient: oats. The filling breakfast smoothie as all the flavours of a good bowl of oatmeal, but with none of the cooking involved (and you can drink it on the go!). It’s thick and creamy, will keep you full until lunch and is easy to prepare on a busy morning. But once I start making it for the breakfast they loved it and demanding more. This is a very special milkshake contains apples and oats. Oats add fibre and make this shake extra thick. The apples make it sweet without being too sweet. Do try this Apple Oats Milk Shake at your home!!!

[ingredients title=”Ingredients”]

  • Apple – 1
  • Oats – 2-3 tbspn
  • Frozen Milk – 2 glass
  • Sugar as required


[directions title=”Directions”]

  1. Remove the peel of Apple, Remove the seeds, Cut into Small pieces. Blend all ingredients in a blender/mixer. Add water or milk for your required consistency. Serve immediately.


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