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Bread Pakoda

Bread pakoda is one of the best partner for your evening tea and the best lunch snack for the children. Believe me, it is my personal experience. Bread pakora/pakoda is a popular street food which can make in many varieties. It is an easy and tasty variety of bread pakoda where the bread pieces are

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Spring Chicken Full Fry

Today I have prepared an easy dish with spring chicken. It is Spring Chicken Full Fry. This whole chicken is not just fried but it is marinated, then half cooked. So that marinade is well absorbed in the chicken and then shallow fried. I have added lot of fresh curry leaves while frying the chicken so that the

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Chicken Masala Bread Pola

Today I am introducing another special recipe from Malabar cuisine. It is Chicken Masala Bread Pola. I had already shared some other varieties of pola like kaipola, carrot pola, apple pola and thari pola. This Chicken Masala Bread Pola is a spicy version of pola. Bread pieces were dipped in egg and placed on the greased pan as the

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Cabbage Thoran

A thoran is a type of side dish prepared with a variety of vegetables. The key ingredients—grated coconut, black mustard seeds, shallots, green chillies and curry leaves—remain the same. The vegetables can be changed according to seasonality or your preference. Today I’m sharing classic Kerala style cabbage thoran – cabbage stir fry with coconut which

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Chicken Pizza / Homemade Chicken Pizza

Pizza is always a best snack/ main dish for all kind of situations. Pizzas are not easily available in many of places. Hence here we are discussing about a  easy homemade chicken pizza. Homemade chicken pizza is very mouthwatering and healthy when it served to our special  ones prepared by loved ones. Home made chicken

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Pineapple Salad

This Pineapple salad is a fresh and cool salad side dish for you hot summer days. Pineapple is being the main ingredient,we all should aware about the magnificent health benefits of raw pineapple. Pineapples are the essential source of vitamin c and antioxidants. I tried this tropical salad when I was on diet for weight loss.

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