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Full Chicken Fry / Kozhi nirthi Porichath

This is a must try dish from the Malabar item from my chicken dish list. This is a whole chicken fry but we malabarians called it Kozhi Nirthi Porichathu nothing but the chicken is fully fried in its whole form. This full chicken fry is not just a normal fry it has been computed much more

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Orange Carrot Juice

None of the canned juice can ever beat the taste of freshly made Homemade orange carrot juice. Unlike canned or ready made juices, this recipe retains all nutritional values of orange and it is not processed with harmful preservatives. Which makes it a recommended fresh fruit juice for infants and growing kids. Apart from oranges,

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Apple Date Smoothie

Summer is here and the sun is near! And it is time for some chilling drinks for our sweaty evenings. We all familiar with some common cool drinks. I am introducing a smoothie made with the freshness of apple and goodness of dates. Apples and dates combinations are not that much convenient for many of

(4.1 / 5)

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