Chicken Flower Dumplings

This Chicken Flower Dumpling is a steamed dish. It resembles the shape of a flower as its name. Chicken and basmati rice are the main ingredients. It is served as a perfect starter and also as iftar snack. Previously we have seen an other dumpling on my website. But i am going to introduce a  special

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Kumbilappam/ Steamed Jackfruit Cake

Kumbilappam is seasonal authentic dish from Kerala and it also goes by several names; Kumbilappam, Chakka Kumbilappam, Chakka Appam, Vazhanayappam, Theraliyappam. Whatever be the name, the recipe followed is the same. This special Kerala snack can be described as taste bud-motivator! Jack fruit preserve, incorporated with rice flour, grated coconut and jaggery are mixed together

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Chicken Momos

Steamed Chicken Momos/ Chicken Momo

Most of us are not aware about the one of the best snack, dumplings famous in south Asian states like Nepal,Tibet,Bhutan etc. Momos are one kind of dumpling prepared in steam with the non-veg or veg fillings. Dumplings are easy to make and also healthy as it is prepared in steam. Here I am introducing

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