Fish Molly

Fish Molly / Kerala Style Fish Molee

Kerala Style Fish Molly is a lightly spiced fish curry. Appam/ Palappam with Fish Molly is a favourite of every Keralites. I do not know about you friends but it is my favourite. Half fried fish pieces are cooked in coconut milk based gravy with some spices so that flavour of the fish dominates tin

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Karimeen Fry/ Kerala Style Pearl Spot Fry

KariMeen Fry / Kerala Style Pearl Spot Fry

Karimeen Fry is a famous seafood fry mainly served in the house boats for lunch. This recipe is an exotic dish of Fish fry cooked in Kerala style. The Karimeen fry is a spicy fish fry coated with lively masala. Karimeen is one of the most important fish species in kerala state and is also

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