Garlic Red Chilly Hot Sauce

Garlic and Red Chilly Hot Sauce

A homemade dish is always healthy. We always want to have sauces accomplished with all our snacks all the time. Mainly with the appetisers we cannot imagine them without a sauce. We have seen making of many homemade sauces. Early I have presented the momos(dumplings) with a Garlic Red Chilly Hot Sauce. This is an authentic Chinese side sauce famous in Chinese restaurants. I have tasted this sauce once we passed through a Chinese restaurant in Bangalore. Ordered spring rolls but I adored on the taste of the side garlic sauce. Then onwards I have started searching for the recipe and I got this delicate recipe. I want all of you to try this garlic and red chilly hot sauce to make your dishes more hot!

[ingredients title=”Ingredients”]

  • Garlic cloves – 6-8 cloves
  • Dried red chillies – 4
  • Sugar – 1tbspn
  • Vinegar – 2 tbspn
  • Vegetable oil – 1/2 tbspn
  • Salt – to taste


[directions title=”Directions”]

  1. Peel garlic cloves, wash it and keep aside.
  2. Soak dried red chillies in vinegar for one hour.
  3. Now put all ingredients in a blender to make a smooth paste.
  4.  Ready to serve with Momos.


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