Kozhi Ada/ alabar special kozhiyada

Kozhi Ada / Malabar special Kozhiyada

Kozhi Ada is one of a famous Malabar  snack. It is more common during the time of ramadan times for muslim. Being a muslim I was so familiar with this snack from my childhood itself. I have learned this recipe from my grandmother. I was a fan of kozhi Ada from that old times. During

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Poricha Pathiri/ Ney pathiri

Poricha Pathhiri / Ney Pathiri

Traditional Malabar dishes are very popular with its tasty flavours. Like any other Malabar dishes Poricha pathiri/ ney pathiri is one of the main  and famous breakfast dish in Malabar. Especially in Calicut, Kannur and Malappuram areas. The method of preparation is different in different area of Malabar. This is a deep fried version of

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Kozhikkal/ Tapioca Fry

Kozhikkal is a traditional Malabar snack¬†originated at Thalassery. Kozhikkal literally means “Chicken Leg”. This snack resembles the shape of fried chicken legs thus the name “Kozhikkal”. This is a delicious snack with outside crispier and soft inside. For preparing this Kozhikkal here i used gram flour and rice flour, You can also use Maida instead

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Stuffed Egg Bajji / Egg Bonda

Bajji is an easy to make evening snack. Bajji is usually prepared by dipping in a batter prepared from Besan/ gram flour or Maida. Various varieties of bajjis are there. Egg bajji is prepared by dipping hard boiled egg in besan/ gram flour batter. Here I cut the hard boiled Eggs in half lengthwise, removed the

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Palooda – A Traditional Malabar Drink

Palooda is a semi thick sweet drink mostly served during Ramadan. Palooda is a traditional drink that can be served  warm or cold in Malabar Regions especially in Kannur area. This can be prepared easily with minimum ingredients. Palooda and Tharikanji are the two drinks that served during iftar time. Sometimes in North malabar they will serve

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