Chicken Flower Dumplings

This Chicken Flower Dumpling is a steamed dish. It resembles the shape of a flower as its name. Chicken and basmati rice are the main ingredients. It is served as a perfect starter and also as iftar snack. Previously we have seen an other dumpling on my website. But i am going to introduce a  special

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Kakka Rotti/ Steamed rice dumblings in chicken gravy

Announcing a special iftar chicken dish for all the chicken lovers. It is known as kakka rotti in malabar areas and typically it is a combination of steamed rice dumplings in a chicken gravy. It contains the steamed rice dumplings mixed with a very delicious spicy chicken gravy. The dumplings are made with roasted rice

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Amritsari Murgh Makhani

Do not get confused or tensed with the name guys..! Murgh is the chicken and as the name suggests it is an authentic dish from punjab. The chicken is cooked in a peculiar punjabi spicy gravy with all the unique aroma. I have tasted this dish a year before on one of my trip from

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Peshawari Chicken

I am adding the recipe of an authentic peshawari chicken as i am getting requests for authentic chicken dishes. It is a easy peshawari chicken recipe. Peshawari chicken  can be made in different varieties in different areas. Peshawari chicken can be made as dry and gravy. It is a semi gravy recipe. Peshawar is a

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Erachi Petty

Erachi Petty/ Iftar Special Meat Box

Meat Box or Erachi Petty is a Malabari snack famous during Ifthar parties. Since the holy month of Ramadan has started, I thought it’s a good time to share this recipe. It is basically stuffed pancakes. The appearance of the pancake is like a box and hence the name erachi petty. The chicken fillings are

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Chettinad Chicken

[ingredients title=”Ingredients”] Chicken cleaned and cut into small pieces  -1 kg Oil – 1/2 cup Dried red chillies – 6-8 Coconut scraped – 1/2 cup Poppy seeds (khuskhus/posto)  – 2 tspn Coriander seeds – 1 tspn Cumin seeds – 1/2 tspn Green cardamoms – 3 Cloves – 2 Cinnamon – 1 inch stick Star anise – 1/2 Fennel seeds(saunf) – 1 tspn

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