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Chicken Masala Bread Pola
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Chicken Masala Bread Pola


 Today I am introducing another special recipe from Malabar cuisine. It is Chicken Masala Bread Pola. I had already shared some other varieties of pola like kaipola, carrot pola, apple pola and thari pola. This Chicken Masala Bread Pola is a spicy version of pola. Bread pieces were dipped in egg and placed on […]

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Bread Pakora


 Bread pakora is one of the best partner for your evening tea and the best lunch snack for the children. Believe me, it is my personal experience. Bread pakora/pakoda is a popular street food which can make in many varieties. It is an easy and tasty variety of bread pakora […]

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Bread Pizza


 We all love the yummy junk foods. I have been getting many request on kids snacks. None of us are not ready to compromise on our child’s health. children like junk foods, but junk foods create much issues for our health and pocket. I am going to introduce a simple […]