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Bread Pakora

Bread pakora is one of the best partner for your evening tea and the best lunch snack for the children. Believe me, it is my personal experience. Bread pakora/pakoda is a popular street food which can make in many varieties. It is an easy and tasty variety of bread pakora […]

Appetizers, Iftar Special

Tharipola/ Semolina cake

Here is a simple but so much tasty cake recipe for your lousy evenings. Tharipola/ Semolina cake is a simple cake made with one of easily available ingredient in most of the kitchens, semolina that means ‘rava’ . It is a quick malabar dish that i have tried bunch of times. […]

Pineapple Payasam/ Pineapple sago Kheer
Desserts, Sweets

Pineapple Payasam/ Pineapple sago Kheer

Can you imagine our festivals without paysam/kheer.! Payasam has become most wanted dessert in our special occasions. We have seen many types of traditional payasam. Why can’t we try something special if it serve to your special ones. I had a leftover pineapple in my kitchen and I was tired […]

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Bread Pizza

We all love the yummy junk foods. I have been getting many request on kids snacks. None of us are not ready to compromise on our child’s health. children like junk foods, but junk foods create much issues for our health and pocket. I am going to introduce a simple […]

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Peshawari Chicken

I am adding the recipe of an authentic peshawari chicken as i am getting requests for authentic chicken dishes. It is a easy peshawari chicken recipe. Peshawari chicken  can be made in different varieties in different areas. Peshawari chicken can be made as dry and gravy. It is a semi […]