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Appetizers, Iftar Special

Adukku Pathiri / Athishaya Pathiri

Adukku Pathiri / Athishaya Pathiri, as the name suggests its a wonderful mouth watering traditional malabar dish. Adukku pathiri is a layered (‘adukku’ in malayalam) combination of veg or non veg or sweet ingredients and spices. Athishaya pathiri is a main cuisine in malabar areas for their routine festivals. Here we are […]

Vendakka Theeyyal/ Okra Theeyyal
Kerala Veg Dishes, Main Course

Vendakka Theeyyal/ Okra Theeyyal

Vendakka/ okra/ ladies finger is the one of the most healthy vegetable easily available. Dishes made with vendakka/ okra/ ladies finger is found to be tasteful as well as healthy. Theeyyal is a common dish found in Kerala. Traditional Vendakka Theeyyal/okra theeyyal has the goodness of natural ingredients. Vendakka theeyyal […]