Main Course

Poricha Pathiri/ Ney pathiri
Breakfast, Main Course

Poricha Pathiri/ Ney pathiri


 Traditional Malabar dishes are very popular with its uncontrollable flavours. Like any other Malabar dishes poricha pathiri/ ney pathiri is one of the main  and famous breakfasrt dish in Malabar area mainly in Calicut,Kannur and malappuram areas. The method of preparation is different in different area of Malabar. It is […]

Kids Corner, Pizza

Bread Pizza


 We all love the yummy junk foods. I have been getting many request on kids snacks. None of us are not ready to compromise on our child’s health. children like junk foods, but junk foods create much issues for our health and pocket. I am going to introduce a simple […]

Chicken Dishes, Main Course

Peshawari Chicken


 I am adding the recipe of an authentic peshawari chicken as i am getting requests for authentic chicken dishes. It is a easy peshawari chicken recipe. Peshawari chicken  can be made in different varieties in different areas. Peshawari chicken can be made as dry and gravy. It is a semi […]