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Pepper Chicken/ Easy Pepper chicken
Chicken Dishes, Main Course

Pepper Chicken/ Easy Pepper Chicken

I’m back with another chicken recipe – because really, is there ever such a thing as too many chicken recipes?! Anyways, we all might have tried the spicy pepper chicken at least once in our outside food time. I have had a lot of varieties of Pepper Chicken with our […]

Chicken Masala Bread Pola
Appetizers, Iftar Special

Chicken Masala Bread Pola

Today I am introducing another special recipe from Malabar cuisine. It is Chicken Masala Bread Pola. I had already shared some other varieties of pola like kaipola, carrot pola, apple pola and thari pola. This Chicken Masala Bread Pola is a spicy version of pola. Bread pieces were dipped in egg and placed on […]